Out of order : arrogance, corruption, and incompetence on the bench.



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Notes on verso of cover, half title, verso and title page: What do you think of the Rehnquist court. Bork-courts push in direction of radical individualism/radical egalitarianism. Criminals out on the street--Miranda Exclusionary rule. Judge Martin Manton--2nd Circuit took bribes from both sides and then returned money to the loser. legal system in shambles. Eliminate election of state judges. Judge Thelton Henderson. Judge Terry MacDonald p 33. Gavelitis-- people of towering intellect don't end up on court. Judge A. Ted Bozeman--Haynerville, ALA. Judge Michael Gallagher--Cuyahoga County. 1960-1985-no. of lawyers grew 130%--pop. 30%. Judicial activism--Brown v. Board--the beginning. Fed. judge Norma Shapiro--Phil p 126--responsible for more street crime than any gang. Judge Russell Clark--Kansas City 133. 60% recidivism rate. Robert Alton Harris--story of execution p 58. You called Judge Indy Judge Paula Loposa. Denver Judge Daniel Ramirez. Conrad Jeffrey p 53--New Jersey. Revolving door--rapes murders etc. Robert Alton Harris p 58. Ed Harris--my agent--same for Tom Wolfe. Tom Delay--p 206, impeachment talks, partisan grandstanding. Dan Lungren/Bob Smith term limits not convincing. Henry Hyde--3 Judge panel--needed to overturn referendum. Only Supreme Court should overturn statute--deem it unconstitutional. Best plan to pick Judges--Missouri plan. Gov. picks Judges from selection committee. Cameras in Supreme Court. Lamb checked some sections on the Contents page. Notes/Underlinings: Notes: Homosexuals, single sex colleges, pornography, Roe," "op-ed editor 1997," "threats from plantiff's lawyer," "we need more public criticism," "The Book--a freedom of Information Act for the 3rd Branch of Gov," "towering intellectual," "judicial selection," "glad handing," "70% politically active," "crime 44's higher," "Oliver the dog," " 29% of felons no jail," "3.1 million adult lawbreakers on probation," "Indy Judge Paula Loposa," "Denver Judge David Ramirez," "60% of all inmates rearrested," "death penalty," "Robert Alton Harris," "exclusionary rule/Miranda rule," "Prop 209," "forum shopping," "3 myths," "10th amendment," "critics, "this" court activists," "1976 campaign finance," "1997 CDA," "prayers in Congress," "VMI, Mary Baldwin," "ERA by Ginsburg," "Philadelphia Federal Judge Norma Shapiro," "Kansas City," "Judge Clark's ideal school," "500 felons released in Florida," "Check on judiciary," "2.2% average, tort tax," "No. of lawyers grew 130%," "McDonald's," "judicial activism," "Judge John Fostel," "Texas judge and money," "Judge Larry Starcher," "Robertson resigns abruptly," "checks on Federal judges," "states that have partisan elections," "DeLay's double standard," "partisan grandstanding," "not convincing, Scalia," "Brennan," "Supreme only deem a statute uncon.," "Missouri plan," "Gov. Pataki, Pete Wilson," "Senate shoddy job," "James Ware's fabrication," "ABA," "open process up," "appellate court," "Congress." Underlinings: problems with judiciary, corruption, incompetence. Court creating law. Looks at mistakes in judgment, sentencing, out of court settlements, selection, crime/poverty. Lamb circles the names of some judges."


Boot, Max, “Out of order : arrogance, corruption, and incompetence on the bench.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed October 7, 2022, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/743.



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Out of order : arrogance, corruption, and incompetence on the bench.


Boot, Max


Program air date: May 31, 1998.


Investigative reporter Max Boot's expose on jurists who, in his opinion, have not lived up to the public's expectations.


Judges--United States
Judicial corruption--United States
Judicial ethics--United States
Political questions and judicial power--United States


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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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